The Path

This site has undergone two other iterations since I started it two years ago. Yes, I said iterations – I am a writer after all and why not use the best words you can ; )

In my vast wisdom, and vast ignorance, I kept going down what I thought was easy pathways to get me here. I thought if I did readings and healings then the energy would flow through my life.  Then I thought if I did readings and coaching, the energy woudl flow through my life.

And what I found, is that while I love to do those things  – readings, healings, coaching, offering guidance and messages in one-on-one sessions with people – those practices are my hobbies.

Yes, my hobbies. The hobbies that so many people tell us to keep as hobbies because – God forbid!- if we did what we loved for a living, we’d stop loving it.

And what I discovered, is that I have been gifted, or based on my phoolospy, gifted myself, with the opportunity, inspiration, experience and skills to do what I love for a living. And what is that? Writing.  Writing stories that teach, that guide, that share the lost stories of past civilizations.  As Orson Scott Card labelled it in his Ender Books – I am a Speaker for the Dead.

Am I making a living at what I love at the moment?   (Insert howling laughter here.)

No, I’m not.  However, I am being driving by something greater than my need to sit on the couch, to overwork, to hide in other people’s stories, to eat, to keep things the same and safe, to actually step out and commit the time and energy to writing.  Writing stories, mine and other peoples’ as well.

So, welcome to my world.  I hope you enjoy its’ many facets as much as I am enjoying creating them.

With love and light,

JJ Marrvy


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