What is Mediumship and Voice Channeling

I love doing readings! It’s a wonderful opportunity for me to meet people and to help them in their journeys and it is always a joy to feel the love from your Guides, Angels and Ancestors as they support us in your session.

I am medium and a psychic.

What is a medium?  A medium is basically a method of communicating between two entities.  Some examples are:

  • The Media (they communicate the news,  T.V. shows or movies from their source to us.
  • A computer jump or flash drive, a CD or DVD is a medium.
  • Jane Roberts was a medium for Seth, who wrote several books in the 70s & 80s, like Esther Hicks is for the Universal Consciousness Abraham and there are many more like this
  • A medium is also traditionally thought of as a person who speaks to those who have passed away and are now in spirit, a speaker for the dead.
  • A medium is a person who acts as a voice for a spiritual entity that has no physical presence.  An example of this is someone who voice channels spiritual entities.  Abraham-Hicks is a very well know example of this.  The human, Esther Hicks, channels and acts as a physical voice for the spiritual entity, or universal consciousness, that calls itself Abraham.


I like to use oracle cards for my readings.  The cards give me a framework around which to build your reading and the information that is most important to you.  I do voice-channeled readings as well, and this method (like what Abraham-Hicks does) is how I was originally trained.

Currently, my favourite deck to use in readings is Collette Baron Reid’s  Wisdom of the Oracle Divination Cards: Ask and Know.  

Voice Channeling is a form of mediumship and of trance channeling.  It is a conscious practice whereby I open my energetic field and senses to allow Higher Guidance to speak through me. They come to offer information, support, hope, clarity and often details about our potential and to lovingly support us through our journey in this life, on Earth. It is a blessing and a gift that I am extremely grateful for.


I choose to work with the Highest White Light Guides in all cases such as   Angels and Ascended Masters.   I also work with intergalactic multi-dimensional beings (Seth) and Universal Consciousnesses (like Abraham).  Seth is best know for working with the channel Jane Roberts in the 1960s through the early 80’s.  All of these beings who are here to support humans in their journey on this planet.

It is exciting, dynamic work and the opportunity to speak for your guides and support you in your journey is an honour.

Readings* may be recorded and can be sent to you via Dropbox if you choose.  Please let me know ahead of time.


1 Hour 120.00 USD

* Please note: Readings are meant for entertainment purposes only. Any actions you choose to take based on a reading is entirely your responsibility.  This work is done with the intent that it is for your highest good and not necessarily what you WANT. Please be aware that what is best for your highest self is not always what you think it should look like.